FREIA is well on track

The FREIA consortium met on 29-30 October 2019 to share updates on the work progress. All partners were represented by one or more researchers at the meeting that was hosted by VU Amsterdam.

The first results from the laboratory experiments and computational modelling were presented to the partners. There was some exchange of views on which EDCs should be measured in the human samples that are available within FREIA.

Coordinator Majorie van Duursen: “it was so great to see the enthusiasm and dedication of this wonderful group. We are well on schedule with the planned work”.

Besides the experimental work, the FREIA consortium is working on a review paper to describe how EDCs cause female reproductive health issues. The paper is expected to be published early 2020. Future activities to communicate FREIA goals were also on the agenda. Many great ideas were formed on newsletters and webinars.

All in all, it was a very productive meeting with great promise to achieve FREIA goals.

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