Putative adverse outcome pathways for female reproductive disorders to improve testing and regulation of chemicals.

Testing the twin testosterone transfer hypothesis – intergenerational analysis of 317 dizygotic twins born in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Safeguarding female reproductive health against endocrine disrupting chemicals – the FREIA project.

Dynamics of the transcriptional landscape during human fetal testis and ovary development.

Persistent environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals in ovarian follicular fluid and in vitro fertilization treatment outcome in women.

Calretinin is a novel candidate marker for adverse ovarian effects of early life exposure to mixtures of endocrine disruptors in the rat.

Single-cell analysis of human ovarian cortex identifies distinct cell populations but no oogonial stem cells.


Let’s talk about how the chemicals in cosmetics could affect fertility. Health Europa. February 5 2019.

Interview with the project coordinator in Dutch national news paper. Article is in Dutch. NRC, March 4 2019.