Developing new test methods, and improving existing ones, in order to provide test protocols for regulatory purposes and test chemicals before they go into use
Gaining new understandings and insights into adverse effects of endocrine disruption on women’s health
Promoting women’s health before during and after pregnancy. Creating resources for a healthy living

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EC organises forum on EDCs

The European Commission is organising the first annual Forum on Endocrine Disruptors on 8 November at the EC Conference Centre Albert Borschette. The Forum will bring together scientists, public and private stakeholders with expertise on endocrine disruptors to exchange information and best practices, identify challenges and build synergies, in order to inform the Commission’s reflections. … Continue reading EC organises forum on EDCs

European regions call for higher level of protection against EDCs

JUNE 27, 2019 Two months after the European Parliament resolution on the negative impact of a number of chemicals used in food and cosmetics production in the EU, local and regional representatives have called on the European Commission to provide a higher level of protection from hazardous chemicals. According to studies, endocrine disruptors, or EDCs, … Continue reading European regions call for higher level of protection against EDCs

FREIA kick-off!

JANUARY 28, 2019 | The FREIA project has started with a kick-off meeting in Hotel Zuiderduin (Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands) on 28 and 29 January 2019. The sister projects ATHENA, ENDpoiNTs, and GOLIATH were having their kick-off meeting at the same venue. The official EU launch was held adjacently in Brussels on 31 January.

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